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All references to "our Company" or “KTC Consolidated" are to Kim Teck Cheong Consolidated Berhad (Company No.: 1113927-H), references to "our Group" are to our Company and our Subsidiaries, and references to "we", "us", "our" and "ourselves" are to our Company or our Group or any member of our Group, as the context requires.


The following abbreviations are used in this section:

BND : Brunei Dollar
CSI : Consumer Sentiment Index
FYE : Financial Year Ended / Ending
Independent Business and Market Research Consultants : Vital Factor Consulting Sdn Bhd (266797-T)

Public issue of 142,000,000 new Shares at the Issue Price payable in full upon application comprising:

  • 34,000,000 new Shares for application by the Public;
  • 16,255,000 new Shares for application by Eligible Employees and persons who have contributed to the success of our Group; and
  • 91,745,000 new Shares for placement to selected investors

in conjunction with the Listing of KTC Consolidated on the ACE Market

IPO Share(s) : 142,000,000 new Shares which are the subject of the IPO
Issue Price : RM0.15 per IPO Share
KTC Consolidated or Company : Kim Teck Cheong Consolidated Berhad (1113927-H)
KTC Group or our Group : KTC Consolidated and its Subsidiary Companies, collectively
KTC Sdn Bhd : Kim Teck Cheong Sdn Bhd (23117-H)
Labuan : Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia
Listing : Admission, listing of and quotation for the Shares on the ACE Market
LPD : 30 September 2015, being the last practicable date for information to be obtained and disclosed in our Prospectus prior to its registration with the SC. All information provided in our Prospectus shall be as at LPD unless stated otherwise
P&G : Procter & Gamble (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
RCPS : Redeemable convertible preference shares of RM1.00 each in KTC Consolidated
RM and sen : Ringgit Malaysia and sen respectively, the legal currency of Malaysia
Share(s) : Ordinary share(s) of RM0.10 each in KTC Consolidated
Subsidiary Companies : AMDA Marketing (Sabah) Sdn Bhd (630740-K), Creamos (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (986018-T), Kim Teck Cheong Brands Sdn Bhd (1034611-A), Kim Teck Cheong Distribution Sdn Bhd (792350-X), Kim Teck Cheong (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd (555719-D), KTC Sdn Bhd and Kim Teck Cheong (Tawau) Sdn Bhd (97320-X), collectively

Glossary of Technical Terms and Acronyms

AAGR : Average annual growth rate
Chilled food : Food that is stored in temperature controlled chiller rooms or refrigerators to preserve the quality of the food.
Cold room storage facilities : In the context of our Prospectus, cold room storage facilities refer to both chiller and freezer facilities.
CPG : Consumer packaged goods. Broadly defined as mass produced consumer goods that are non-durable and are consumed or used frequently by consumers and/or households. However, it is common for CPG to also refer to as fast moving consumer goods, packaged and branded products. This effectively excludes fresh food and produce without packaging, as well as bulk goods and commodities sold in loose forms.
Dry food : Refers to food that can be stored under ambient temperature and generally does not require refrigeration.
F&B product : F&B product is an abbreviation for food and beverage products. Food refers to edible products in its raw, preserved, or processed form excluding tobacco unless otherwise specified. Beverages refer to non-alcoholic beverages, unless otherwise specified.
Frozen food : Food that is stored in freezers to prolong storage time and preserve the food quality for later preparation or consumption.
GDP : Gross Domestic Product
Health supplements : Products that are intended to supplement the diet with one or more dietary substances, or for health purposes. These include vitamins, minerals, fibre, amino acids, fatty acids and other extracts from plants and animals. Health supplements are sometimes referred to as dietary supplement, food supplement or nutritional supplement.
Household products : Household products primarily used by the whole household as well as for the care of the house comprising products used in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, toilet, living room, bedroom and other parts of the house.
OTC (Over-The-Counter) drugs : Medicinal products that are made available to the public without the need for professional supervision or prescription. These drugs are commonly used for self-medication to treat minor ailments and conditions.
Personal care products : Non-durable products that cater to the care of the individual consumer and are used primarily for personal hygiene, external protection and care of the body or for beautification purposes.
Pharmaceutical products : Any substance or mixture of substances that are intended to be used for medicinal or health purposes. These include scheduled drugs, over-the-counter drugs, health supplements and traditional medicine.
SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) : A unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased.
Warehousing facility : A place used for the storage of goods and merchandise.