Our competitive advantages and key strengths are important in sustaining our business and providing our Group with future business growth and opportunities. These include the following:

(i) We Cover a Wide Range of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

We provide market access and coverage of a wide range of CPG covering F&B products, personal care products, household products, baby care products as well as OTC drugs and health supplements.

Subsequent to LPD, we distribute approximately 10,348 stock keeping unit (SKU) of CPG covering various locations within Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan. One SKU represents one distinct product or stock item that can be purchased. Subsequent to LPD, we carry five (5) major product portfolio:

  • 893 SKU of F&B products;
  • 5,367 SKU of personal care products;
  • 1,063 SKU of household products;
  • 2,900 SKU of baby care products; and
  • 125 SKU of OTC drugs and health supplements.
(ii) We Cover Recognisable CPG Brands
(iii) We have a Wide Distribution Network
(iv) We have an Established Track Record
(v) We have Economies of Scale
(vi) We have Experienced Directors and Key Management Personnel

* Please read this section in conjunction with the Section 6.1 from page 58 to page 61 of Kim Teck Cheong Consolidated Berhad’s Prospectus dated 28 October 2015.